The Neighborhood Cafe is a time to get to know your neighbors over coffee at your kitchen table, the best place for starting new friendships and deepening old ones.

Neighborhood News

Focus on the Family Broadcast

I grew up listening to Focus on the Family, filing my commute with their broadcasts and gleaning parenting advice while I made dinner. To sit in the studio where countless hours of wisdom have been recorded was surreal. It took me a few minutes to believe that the...

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The Neighborhood Collective

You're Invited to take part in The Neighborhood Collective! Join Amy Lively and a group of innovators who are leading in the neighboring movement. The Neighborhood Collective is February 27 & 28, 2017, in San Antonio, Texas at Oak Hills Church (home of Randy...

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How to Love Your Weird Neighbor (and a giveaway!)

A random roommate assignment introduced me to one of my dearest friends, Cindy Bultema. I was quickly drawn to her contagious smile and deep love for Jesus - although her affinity for sprinkling our room with confetti was a little strange. I'm delighted to host Cindy...

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