The Neighborhood Cafe is a time to get to know your neighbors over coffee at your kitchen table, the best place for starting new friendships and deepening old ones.

Neighborhood News

The Cure for Insecurity

If you truly want to follow the command of Jesus in Mark 12:31, to “love your neighbor as yourself,” you’ve got to fully receive the love the Father has for you and believe You are valuable to Him.

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How to Love Your Marginalized Neighbor

Jesus yearned for the hearts of the marginalized—about the forgotten, isolated, shunned, and persecuted people. Throughout the Gospels and the totality of Scripture God’s heart for the people on the outskirts of society is evident. God incarnate—Jesus himself—was even...

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Are You A Part of the Neighborhood Welcoming Committee?

My family recently moved into a new neighborhood, one with a lot of history. Many of the neighbors have lived on the block for over fifteen years so we were intimidated by the friendships that were already established before our time. We had big plans to introduce...

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