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Books that Build Relationships: Alongside

If any of you have gone through a trial, you understand the impact others have on your healing process. You may have also experienced the tough conversations that were more harmful than helpful. We are all imperfect in the area of comforting others which is why we...

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How to Love Your Single Neighbor

Guest Blog by Alicia Hudson Welcome back, Alicia, as she shares from the heart (and from the school of hard knocks) how to love your single neighbor. Whether you have good intentions or are at a loss, her tips will help you connect with the singles on your street....

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Who are Your Quiet Times for?

Most Christians have heard of the term “spiritual discipline” which usually conjures up thoughts of hours alone meditating on Scripture and praying. Growing up, I had a  Sunday School teacher who would call my house in the middle of the week to ask how my Bible...

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How to Love Your Neighbor this Spring

I just EGGED my neighbors! To be honest, I was simply looking for an excuse to meet more people in the neighborhood where we spend some time in the winter. Although my husband's family has been coming here for 50 years, I had only met the neighbors on either side of...

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How to Love Your Neighbor Who Has Hurt You

Guest Blog by Alicia Hudson We welcome Alicia Hudson to the blog today to share how she overcame incredible hurt to figure out how to love her neighbor. Yeah - that neighbor... the very one who had hurt her the most.     Three years ago I found myself...

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How to Love Your Neighbor When You Have Kids

Guest post by Kendra Broekhuis As I pulled a casserole out of the freezer, I fought all of my “I Don’t Feel Like It’s” I felt about our plans to have company over that night. My husband and I try to put hospitality on our calendar twice per...

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Neighborhood Cafe Bible Study Recommendations

Books that Build Relationships: Building Your House

Chaos. Pure chaos. You know what I'm talking about: papers all over the kitchen counter, donation bags still by the back door, and shoes missing their pair. Shannon Upton believes faithful moms don’t have to live in a chaotic state. The author of Building Your House,...

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How to Love Your Weird Neighbor (and a giveaway!)

A random roommate assignment introduced me to one of my dearest friends, Cindy Bultema. I was quickly drawn to her contagious smile and deep love for Jesus - although her affinity for sprinkling our room with confetti was a little strange. I'm delighted to host Cindy...

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Books that Build Relationships: Nothing to Prove

Before 10am there are already a list of things telling me I’m not enough. I am behind on laundry, I did not meet a work deadline and I choose to eat a donut rather than avocado toast for breakfast. To turn my insufficiencies around, I try harder. I people please. I...

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Cheese Pies {for sharing!}

I'm privileged to live a short drive away from Holmes County, Ohio, where tourist flock to visit genuine Amish farms and businesses. There are also many Amish families living near my community in Lancaster, Ohio – not to be confused with Pennsylvania Dutch country in...

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Chocolate Espresso Chew

I met this chewy, fudgy chocolate cookie with espresso and walnuts at the Firehook Bakery and Coffee House on Pennsylvania Avenue, just steps from the United States Capitol in Washington, DC. Thank you to the Washington Post for whittling down the original...

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Caprese Dip Neighborhood Cafe Recipe

Caprese Salad - with its ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh basil - is one of my favorites. This recipe combines the same simple flavors in a warm dip served on crunchy baguette. Caprese Dip 8 oz. diced mozzarella cheese 1 cup diced tomatoes 1/4 cup...

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