Does it seem impossible to get to know your neighbors? It’s not! These women have knocked on their neighbors’ doors… and lived to tell about it! Their testimony gives us confidence that our neighbors really do crave authentic friendships and real relationships.

Bettendorf Iowa Neighborhood CafeDeb in Iowa

“It’s been a year since I heard you speak about the Neighborhood Café on FamilyLife Today. I had been praying Colossians 4:2-6 for several months and keeping my eyes open for whatever opportunities God might send my way.

Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity.Colossians 4:5

“But so far, I had seen very little results. So when I heard you share the Neighborhood Café idea, I prayed and asked God if this was what He wanted. I delayed another week to see if this was what I wanted, and then set out with my invites on a cold, windy day the week before Thanksgiving. I went around to 40 homes in my neighborhood to invite them to an Open House. Ten of them came! I never would have dreamed I would/could do something like that, but armed with the resources you provided, tons of prayer, and buoyed by a song that had just come out called ‘Oceans,’ I set my eyes on Jesus and stepped out into the ‘water.’

“It’s been a journey of faith, but we went through your Espresso magazine last winter, had a great Block Party last summer, and now, this Monday night, we begin our first book study, Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs. I fretted all summer waiting for God to give me direction for the next step and here we are.

“I just wanted to again say thank you for your obedience to God to answer His call to this ministry, and to ask for you and your team’s prayers that our lives would be changed as God works His mighty power in our lives.”

Serving a Great Savior,
Deb Anderson, South Hampton Neighborhood Cafe

Adrienne in TexasHighland Village Texas Neighborhood Cafe

“I just finished passing out all my invitations in my neighborhood! I have been doing ten a day for a week. I have met some really nice ladies already!”


Laura in WashingtonKennewick Washington Neighborhood Cafe

“Had my second annual Neighborhood Christmas tea this morning and it was a rousing success!! Thanks so much for inspiring me and giving me the tools to make a go at this. Love your ministry!”


Your Town, USALancaster Ohio Neighborhood Cafe

I’m hosting a Christmas Open House for my neighbors next week – and you can, too! Click here to learn more:

Neighborhood Cafe Christmas Open House Invitation and Countdown Craft


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