How to Love Your Neighbor this Christmas

Start a new tradition in your neighborhood by hosting a Christmas Open House! All you have to do is set aside the time you’d spend watching one Christmas movie or making one trip to the mall, and use that time to do something special with a neighbor.

We’ll make it easy!

Download everything you need to host a Christmas Open House! Make it as simple or as elegant as you’d like. There’s no agenda other than offering extravagant hospitality (not extreme entertaining!) to your neighbors.

Celebrate the season in your own special way.

Whether extroverted, introverted, a party animal, or party pooper, God has placed us all in our neighborhood on purpose to reach our own neighbors in our own way. As long as you are obedient and intentional, the type of outreach or party makes no difference. Check out more tips for celebrating the Christmas season for God’s Glory – which is the true meaning of the season, isn’t it?

Free Gifts for You!

Open House Invitations

Print as many copies of this invitation as you need, and invite your neighbors to your home using gracious words proven to be effective. There are two pretty designs to chose from!

Christmas Countdown Craft

Download our simple craft – it’s an instant icebreaker that gives you something to talk about and an activity to share as you get to know one another.

Church Outreach Tools

Go beyond big galas by encouraging and equipping your women to host small gatherings in their homes. Find out what happened when one decided to share God’s grace and mercy with their neighbors. Read  Church Outreach Tools for Christmas

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We're providing everything you need to host a Christmas Open House, including invitations (with two adorable designs to choose from!), a Christmas Countdown Craft, and a planning guide. Enter your email address and download these printable tools for free! 

Everything you need to host a Christmas Open House!

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Open House Invitations

Choose from two designs – a vintage scene or our new amaryllis – that gently invite your neighbors to get to know one another over coffee at your kitchen table. If you opt to do the Christmas Countdown Craft at your Open House, you can print an invitation that says, “Bring an old 4×6 photo frame to create a Christmas countdown.” You customize each invitation with your name and contact information as well as the date of your event.

Countdown Craft

This adorable Christmas craft is made by removing the glass from an old photo frame, inserting Christmas paper, and gluing on a little clothespin. Download, print and trim our Christmas Countdown Cards; each card has a number on one side and a number and Scripture verse on the other. Your neighbors will leave your home with a memory, a new friendship and 25 messages about the real meaning of Christmas.


Planning Guide

Now that you’ve decided to host a Christmas Open House for your neighbors, it’s time to deck the halls with boughs of holly – but don’t worry, you’ll still be jolly when you’re done! Our Planning Guide keeps your guests as the focus, walking you through the process with prayer, picking a date and time, passing out invitations, picking up a few supplies, preparing your home, and finally – party time!

Practical, adaptable tools and tips

Some people have the spiritual gift of hospitality, others just make people at ease in their home naturally – others of us provide coffee and then forget the cups and spoons, and we’re out of sugar, and then… oops, we made decaf by accident. Others simply prefer intimate conversations to big parties.

If you have any questions, fears, or concerns about reaching out to your neighbors this Christmas, please contact us.  You are not alone and we are here to offer encouragement, advice, and prayer!

For the Minimalist

  • Hosting an Open House doesn’t have to take weeks of planning and cost lots of money. Host an impromptu get-together with whatever decor your family is already enjoying, and don’t plan games or ice-breakers. Post an invitation on your community Facebook page or issue an e-vite –
  • “Let’s say Merry Christmas! Drop in for a visit anytime today between 3-5:00! We’ll provide beverages, bring an appetizer if you’d like.”
  • Provide water, coffee, lemonade, and snacks for the kids. Friends may bring appetizers or fruit/veggie trays. Guests can come and go as they please – this takes the pressure off you and your guests, and you’ll be delighted how many people can drop in for a quick visit.
  • While there’s no agenda other than enriching friendships, be intentional about building redemptive relationships by following up with new neighbors or friends in the weeks after the party.

For the Front-Porch Partier

  • If the thought of inviting people into the everyday drama of your home is daunting, perhaps you can commit to straightening up just the entry way and getting one bathroom spruced up? Yes?  Great!
  • Invest in (or borrow) a fire pit, stick it in your driveway, and have a Hot Cocoa Party!
  • If you have insulated pitchers for hot water/milk, great!  Otherwise, you can make cocoa ahead of time and keep it warmed in a slow cooker. Dump marshmallows, candy canes, sprinkles, and whip cream into separate bowls – and suddenly you have the VERY trendy “bar”… a Hot Cocoa Bar!
  • Add S’mores or hot dogs to the mix, string popcorn and cranberries in the trees for the birds to enjoy, or build a snowman if your weather cooperates.
  • What’s great about a driveway or front-porch party is that passersby can also stop in, spreading the joy even further.

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