I just EGGED my neighbors!

To be honest, I was simply looking for an excuse to meet more people in the neighborhood where we spend some time in the winter. Although my husband’s family has been coming here for 50 years, I had only met the neighbors on either side of us.

When I met the folks from Canning Hunger, I knew exactly what to do! Their Neighborhood Connections program strengthens community and eliminates hunger one neighbor at a time. “Almost everyone wants to help, but few take the time nor do they know how to get involved,” they say. They provide tools such as door hangers, flyers and scripts for a neighborhood food drive.

Bonus: you also get to meet your neighbors! I invited my neighbors to drop off a donation for a local food pantry, enjoy some free food, and meet new neighbors in the process. We gathered a nice basket of food, met one new neighbor, and got to know several others better as we sat on the porch in the warm Florida sun. Win!

 What worked well:

  • I kept it really simple. The flyer and small gift took just a few minutes to assemble and pass out.
  • Hot dogs, buns, chips, drinks, ice, plates, napkins: DONE! And didn’t break the bank, either.
  • The neighbors who came were glad to contribute to the food pantry! I contacted the pantry beforehand for needs and guidelines.

What could’ve worked better:

  • Because the homes on our street are fenced and gated, I broke my own cardinal rule of neighboring by putting the flyer at mailboxes instead of handing them out door to door. This greatly impacts the neighbors you will meet and the overall participation.

What will work for you!

We’ll be collaborating with Canning Hunger to provide customized resources for your neighborhood! Please sign up for email updates or follow our Facebook page if you’d like to know when they are available.


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