I’m not afraid of spiders, thunder or the number 13.

I was, however, afraid of my neighbors.

When I sensed God guiding me towards my neighbors’ front porches, I was terrified. I was afraid they’d be mean to me. I was afraid they would reject me. Heck, I was afraid they would like me and our new relationships would take up all my time. I was afraid they’d ask hard questions and I wouldn’t know the answers. I was afraid my house wasn’t clean enough and I wasn’t spiritual enough.

What are you afraid of when it comes to your neighbors?

I just might be writing a book that just might be published next year (official big announcement coming soon!), and your answers will be of great help on Chapter 5: Fears & Excuses.

What are you afraid of

Leave a comment with your greatest fears and excuses about getting to know your neighbors, send me a message at amy@theneighborhoodcafe.net or post on our Facebook page. Three random comments will win a Neighborhood Cafe Macchiato Moments music CD (and a plastic spider just for fun). Winners will be notified June 9.

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