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Chaos. Pure chaos. You know what I’m talking about: papers all over the kitchen counter, donation bags still by the back door, and shoes missing their pair.

Shannon Upton believes faithful moms don’t have to live in a chaotic state. The author of Building Your House, Shannon writes a step-by-step guide to organizing your home and family. The result? Pure peace that comes from organizing your home with spiritual and practical methods.

The book helps you organize your physical home, your heart, your children, and even your husband. Cleaning the home is no longer a chore, but a way to worship God and love your family.

3 reasons why this book would make an excellent read with your neighbors:

  • Her organizing tips are unique and do-able. Upton’s tips for keeping your belongings and your hearts free from clutter are brilliant. For example: Instead of being a sentimental pack-rat, take a picture of the item and create a scrapbook of memories. It becomes a cool keepsake and you rid your home of unnecessary items.
  • Organizing your home is a topic every woman relates to. The motivation behind organizing our homes may be different for each of us. But the tools are inclusive to everyone. For Upton, organization is a godly discipline that allows her to disciple her family. It may be different for others. This book provides an easy avenue to discuss the heart behind the organizing.
  • Resources. At the end of the book, Upton includes discussion questions for each chapter. (Score! Discussion is already done for you.) She also provides her organizing routine and a guide to hold a prayer walk through your home.


A reason why this book might not make a great neighborhood read:

  • Moms Only. This book is specifically written for moms. It may be helpful for women considering motherhood. But, this book would exclude certain members of your community. Even as a young mom, with one baby, I felt like the book would have been more pertinent five years in the future.



To find out more information, you can head to Shannon Upton’s website here and can buy her book here. Here is information about starting a Neighborhood Cafe in your home.

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